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Group Info

Hello, and welcome to HelpForArtists! To join our community, please click the "Join Our Group" button, and your request should be automatically approved. You can then post your art into the corresponding folders.

This group was made by me (FizzyPinkBubbles) in order to help artists grow and improve on their artwork, by using the give to receive and vice versa system. Not only was this group made for helping artists, but also for helping each other with anything else DA-related, like how DA works and encouraging deviants to get involved with various DA projects, such as suggesting DDs, featuring people and inspiring others to spread the DA love!
Founded 5 Months ago
Dec 27, 2017


Group Focus
Support & Cause

48 Members
50 Watchers
858 Pageviews
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Group Rules

1. When you submit your artwork to a folder, you hereby agree that you gave read the rules, and have proceeded to join the group. Please ensure that you return your half of the favor. The purpose of this group is that every member gets equal support.

2. No bullying or trolling. This behavior is unacceptable and you will be kicked out immediately if I see it, or if anyone reports back to me.

3. Please do not spam or flood the group. I wish to keep the comments section free of that sort of thing, as this group is supposed to be a nice and happy group to be in.

4. No art thieves. Period.

5. Please do not advertise yourself in the comments. We have submission folders for a reason.

6. Be firm, but fair and honest when it comes to feedback/comment/critique on another member's artwork. No rudeness.

7. Support each other. We are all artists, and us artists need to stand by and look out for one another.

8. Be kind to everyone, even if you do not like a certain person. This is a support group.

8. Please do a RAOK (random act of kindness) every so often.

9. Please let me know if something is missing from the group or if you feel something could have been done better.

10. Have fun!
Hey guys, I'm so sorry that I kept you waiting for absolutely AGES, but that couldn't be helped due to events happening for me irl.

So... without further ado, let's announce the winner for the HelpForArtists' mascot! Ready? And the winner is...


38Caution-MK2 with their entry, Helpy!

Helpy (Mascot of HelpForArtists) by 38Caution-MK2

Let me know if you want the prize in :points:, or the equivalent in CORE or in PayPal (You'll have to set up a commission widget for 1,500:points: and withdraw them by PayPal. Keep in mind that this method will take 14 days for it to clear, but it's up to you! :D

Well done to all the other contestants as well, you all did great, and as a prize for you all, I shall be doing a feature, so please comment any artworks you want me to feature for you! <3

Good job, guys!

Here are the other entries!

HelpForArtists Mascot by Primalena

Mascot Idea Entry - Newborn Puppy by JadeLei727

[Contest] owl by Garinas

Is this thing cute? IDK by iLantiis

Hey guys, it's FizzyPinkBubbles here! I have now fixed the folders, so start submitting away, and (hopefully) they'll work! Just make sure to submit to the correct folder! I have also fixed the layout of the homepage of the group a little bit, explaining what the group is about and listed a few ground rules.


Today I am proud to announce that I will be hosting a mascot contest for the group!

The guidelines for this mascot are:

:bulletgreen: The colors of the group logo, kindly made by iLantiis, which is blue, yellow and white.

:bulletgreen: Can be a human an animal or even anthro

:bulletgreen: Must be made 100% by you using your own efforts. This means:

- No bases

- No tracing

- No direct copying (referencing is fine)

- No KiseKae or other dollmakers

:bulletgreen: Two entries per person, but only one entry can win

:bulletgreen: Can be traditional or digital or a mix of both

:bulletgreen: No NSFW, even with mature content, please. We want this group to be safe for deviants aged 13 and up. This includes full or partial nudity, nothing promoting violence, alcohol or drugs, nothing that may contain ideologically sensitive content, no hate speech and basically nothing that goes against DA's guidelines, which you can find here.

The prize: You'll get $15 or the equivalent in points or Core Membership, and have your design as the new HelpForArtists mascot (with all credit given to you!) and all the bragging rights! People will be able to draw your design and submit it to the "HFA Mascot Folder".  You will also get a journal feature in from both the group and my own personal account (FizzyPinkBubbles).

The deadline will be on Easter Sunday, April 1st, 2018 at 12:00 midnight, GMT.


The entries will be judged not entirely on skill, but rather on the effort that was put into it, and how well the mascot meets all the guidelines.

The Judges: :icontheartfrog::iconfizzypinkbubbles:

(If you would like to be one of our judges, or if you would like to donate us some prizes, please send me a note!)

Best of luck to you all!

EDIT: Me and TheArtFrog are currently in the process of judging the contest entries. Please be patient, and we will announce the winners as soon as we have made our decision. :) Thanks for participating!!!

You can find all the entries here:…
Hello everyone! Eve here. I am just letting you all know that I shall be adding new gallery folders to the Gallery section of my lovely group.
Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to remove everyone's deviations from the group, but please feel free to re-submit them at a later date, once I have everything sorted out. Oh, and from now on, all art will have to be voted on in order to see if it fits the correct category. :nod:
Thanks for reading, and I hope you understand. :)

Also be prepared for other (hopefully) good changes happening within tis group soon! :D
I've noticed that every group I make gets deleted after a while... so let's try our very best to make it work this time! ^_^

Please tell your watchers and DA friends about this group! It would mean a lot to me! :3
More Journal Entries


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Thank you very much!
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